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The following guide will explain quickly the system of sashes, addressing the following categories:

Item Shop

Each of these categories are important to understand in depth the sash system and how they work, as they give us great support, both in PVM and PVP.


The stoles system is suitable for both PVM and PVP, because in its maximum bonus (25% absorption) you can absorb, for example for PVM a weapon with good average, or you can also do it with an armor if you want for PVP.


This is the NPC where you can do everything related to this system, you can find in City 1 of Jinno and Shinsoo.

When you talk to him, you will open the next menu:

-What is a sash?
-Combine sash
-Bonus absorption
-Sash crafting


The materials required for each stole are different, however 10 delicate fabrics (fine cloth) will always be needed for each stole.


This item is obtained from the drop of different bosses, whether dungeon or not, you can see who drops them on the wiki in game.

With the latest NPC option, sash crafting, the following menu will open:


As you can see you have 4 crafting available, all are the same, only the appearance changes.


Master Sash (basic) = 10 Delicate fabric + 10 Emerald Gem + 50.000.000 yang


Lord Sash (basic) = 10 Delicate fabric + 7 Tourmaline Gem + 50.000.000 yang


Master Sash (basic) = 10 Delicate fabric + 5 Sapphire Gem + 50.000.000 yang


Master Sash (basic) = 10 Delicate fabric + 5 Rubi Gem + 50.000.000 yang

All Sashes when crafted have a 100% chance of crafted, so whenever you gather materials you can create a sash.


Once you get a stole, this will be 1% and you’ll wonder, how do I get it up to 25%? Here is the answer:


As you can see, when you open the combination bonus, the following menus appear

This part is important:

Sash 1% + Sash 1% + yang = Sash 5%

Sash 5% + Sash 5% + yang = Sash 10%

Sash 10% + Sash 10% + yang = Sash 11-16%

Sash 11-16% + Sash 11-16% +yang = Sash 17-25%

it is important to remember, that the sash that you place at the top, is the one that in case of failure is maintained its appearance, and in case of evolution its appearance is maintained.

We recommend that at the time of combine the personalized sash (11-25%) you ALWAYS place the stole with the highest percentage above and the lowest percentage below.


Once you have an 11-25% stole you’ll want to absorb bonus.

It is important to remember that if you absorb the bonus before raising it to 25%, for example: sash 11% + bonus = you can continue to raise the percentage up to 25% without losing the bonus.


On the left you have to place the stole you want to win bonus, and on the right the weapon/armor that will absorb bonus (the weapon or armor at the time of confirming the option, will be destroyed, and the bonus will pass to your stole)

The bonus from a shash can be removed using: Certificate of Reversal.
available only in item shop for the price of : 40 coins

Item Shop


In addition to all this, in the item shop you can find aspects of sashes for a price of 99 coins, which give you the following bonuses:
Strong vs monsters 5%
Strong vs bosses 5%
Strong vs metins 5%

PD: You can see a preview of sashes by clicking ALT in the item :)

Greetings, Ava 2 Team.

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